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Celebrating Coach K's Legacy in Times Square: A Remarkable Marketing Triumph

Duke Men's Basketball has a storied history filled with victories under the legendary leadership of Coach K, who holds the record for the most wins as a Division I Men's Basketball Head Coach.

When Coach K announced his retirement after an incredible 42-year career, Duke Athletics recognized the need for an all-encompassing marketing campaign to pay homage to his legacy and engage the vibrant Duke alums and donor community.

We aimed to create a marketing campaign that would honor Coach K's incredible contributions to Duke Men's Basketball while grabbing the attention of a wide-ranging audience. We set out to spotlight his accomplishments and ignite a sense of pride and nostalgia among Duke alums, donors, and basketball enthusiasts.

Working in partnership with Maximum Media & PR, Duke Athletics brilliantly crafted a digital billboard ad that graced the heart of New York City's iconic Times Square. This strategic placement ensured maximum exposure to a diverse audience, encompassing passing travelers and a concentrated population of Duke alumni and donors. The timing was impeccable, coinciding with the Duke Men's Basketball team's participation in the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn and extending throughout their journey in the NCAA Tournament to the Final Four.

The campaign masterfully achieved its objectives by marrying the emotional resonance of Coach K's retirement with the excitement of the ACC and NCAA Tournaments. The digital billboard became a striking visual tribute to Coach K's impact on the Duke community and his unparalleled legacy in college basketball.

The billboard captured the attention of Duke alums and donors residing in the New York area and a broader audience of travelers passing through Times Square. The calculated placement ensured that the campaign piqued the interest of passionate Duke supporters and potential new fans, reinforcing the university's standing as a collegiate athletics powerhouse.

The campaign reverberated with buzz and engagement across social media platforms. Duke alums and fans passionately shared their admiration for Coach K and enthusiasm for the team's tournament journey. The digital billboard catalyzed conversations and reflections on the indelible mark of Coach K's coaching prowess and the enduring influence of Duke Men's Basketball.

By harnessing the allure of Times Square's billboards, Duke Athletics paid a well-deserved tribute to Coach K's extraordinary career, evoking pride and nostalgia within the Duke community while reaching a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts and travelers. This campaign celebrated Coach K's legacy and reaffirmed Duke's position as a preeminent force in college basketball.

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